With infection caused by new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) related to (COVID-19)

General recommendations for tour operators and guides

Recommendations for the travel company, the organizer of all types of tours, guides and drivers:

  • The number of people in the tourist vehicle shall be determined in accordance with Annex N1;
  • The guide, driver and tourists should be thermoscreened before going on the tour. Data should be recorded for further monitoring. Thermoscreening should be performed daily;
  • The tourist group (including the guide and the driver) must be provided with personal protective equipment. In a closed area, the face mask is obligatory, but gloves and protective shields/goggles should be used as needed;
  • Vehicles must be provided with at least 70% alcohol-based hand cleaning liquid;
  • Frequently touched surfaces (including keyboards, buttons, door handles, on/off buttons, telephones and other frequently touched surfaces and objects) should be processed several times a day in offices and vehicles (At 2-hour intervals) with a disinfectant solution of appropriate concentration; The vehicles must be provided with a closed container for the used disposable wipes or other hygiene items.
  • A protective transparent barrier must be provided at the driver's cabin to ensure that passengers could keep the distance;
  • Disinfection/sanitary treatment of internal and external handles of vehicles must be provided after each transfer of tourists;
  • When cleaning the vehicle, special attention has to be addressed to the head restraint of the seats and the armrest of the seats (hand resting place);
  • Regularly ventilate the passenger cabin through open windows;
  • During the tour, the driver must have an individual thermometer provided by the tour organizer, thermoscreening must be performed daily and data must be recorded for further monitoring;
  • All types of tour organizers and self-employed guides are required to comply with the requirements set forth in these recommendations.

Guide obligations:

  • Guides should wear a face mask when directly meeting the tourists;
  • During the tour, the guide must keep the distance from the guests;
  • During the tour, the guide must have an individual thermometer with him to monitor the temperature. Thermoscreening should be performed daily, before the start of the tour;
  • Wearing a mask indoors is mandatory;
  • If a member of the group is found to have symptoms characteristic of the Covid 19 virus: cough, dry throat, fever, joint pain, etc. The guide is required to comply with the relevant protocol.

Note: If the guide/tour organizer uses audio equipment, disposable headphones should be used.

Exception: It is allowed to place a child under the age of 12 in a vehicle in the shorter distance than appointed.